The Power of Virtual


Our sweet spot in the marketplace is working with companies who have a unique product or service offering. Companies who require customer service professionals who have a specialized skill, an uncommon characteristic, or a non-traditional need that cannot be met in the traditional outsourced customer service model.


The traditional customer service approach starts with a few geographical areas; cities and regions where contact centers have traditionally operated. This works well for many of the common customer service interactions that take place millions of times each day. But is not necessarily the most optimal for more complex customer service challenges.


Our VIRTUAL FIRST® approach to customer service begins with the outcomes our clients desire. The more specialized and challenging those outcomes are, the lower the probability you’ll find the right agents in a few geographical areas. This need for increased specialization raises the need to cast the widest net. Our VIRTUAL FIRST® approach does just that.


We think of it like a professional sports team looking for their next MVP. That team doesn’t send its scouts to a few select schools in a few select cities. They cast a wide net across the entire sport playing region. 


At Sinousia, we begin and end with Virtual/Work At Home. Our leadership team has been running virtual customer service teams for the past two decades, long before Work At Home became an everyday business operation. Our entire business process was created for the Work At Home environment.


We understand that virtual is hard. Maybe more so now as we live in a world with lockdowns and quarantine. Many companies are wondering when and how work from home makes sense for their front line customer service operations. Our belief is that, when the interaction with your customer matters, the Power of Virtual can unlock the outcomes you care about. 

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