Working with suppliers to get serious about sustainability

Sustainability and environmental impact are front and center conversation among businesses today. One of the most impactful ways for large companies to promote and drive sustainability is to reduce the amount of direct pollution produced in their supply chain. Executing on this can be, according to the Boston Consulting Group, challenging for many companies.

As the Boston Consulting Group points out in their same report, ‘once companies begin to pursue sustainability initiatives in earnest, they tend to unearth opportunities to reduce costs, create revenue streams, and develop more innovative business models.’

A recommended approach is for companies to work with their suppliers to find creative ways to tackle this. One of the easiest ways for many is to promote work from home. Each mile not driven by an employee commuting to an office is an immediate reduction in emissions. Suppliers often employ hundreds or thousands of workers to meet the demands of their large corporate clients. Together they can determine where in the value chain to leverage technology in order to identify where and how segments of their workforce can ‘go virtual.’

Josh Brackett

CEO Sinousia

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