The most valuable intelligence isn’t artificial

‘The most valuable intelligence isn’t artificial.’ These striking words from an HSBC report written in 2018 align well with how certain brands are approaching their customer experience management.

A recent article in Tech Crunch highlighted a shift in approaches to customer service; from a misdirected attempt to replace all human interactions to the more focused endeavor of complimenting those interactions that can and should by handled by human interaction. As the HSBC article further explains:

‘One thing is certain, however - artificial intelligence will not replace human intelligence. Blending the best technology with the power of people will be the difference between good and great when it comes to customer experience.’

Automation is not always an end to itself. Which is why many companies have done well by starting with the outcomes that matter to their customers, and then building out the human and technology capabilities to drive those outcomes. An elevated and personal customer will often require the right blend of human interaction and technological efficiency.

Josh Brackett

CEO Sinousia

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