People will continue to play center stage in the customer contact world

‘Even in the digital age, the outlook is bright for contact centers staffed by people.’ We couldn’t agree more with the Boston Consulting Group, who wrote these words a few years ago after a comprehensive analysis of how companies are trying to engage with their customers. For companies that want to distinguish themselves in a highly commoditized world, giving personalized service is a way for companies to set themselves apart in a highly competitive marketplace.

What has changed when serving customers, and will continue to, is the complexity of the interaction. Our thesis at Sinousia, which is shared in the article referenced just above, is that customer needs will become more nuanced, and the interaction taking place between agent and customer more complex. What this means is that the right agents, with the right skills, and the ability to grow alongside technology as it continues to evolve, becomes more important than ever.

A framework that I use to understand this better comes from my experience on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan conducting combat operations with the U.S. Army. One benefit of working inside the Special Operations community is the amazing technology soldiers get to work with. But the technology is a tool, a way to augment the core skillsets of the team. The true capability comes from the individual, and their ability to work with a variety of specialized resources in an environment that is complex, evolves rapidly, and has a very specific outcome.

For our clients, the specific outcome they are working toward is simple as well – Does the customer want to continue to do business after each interaction?

What this means for Sinousia is that when it comes to staffing, the right representatives serving customers will continue to be center stage. It does a company no good to spend heavily on great technology if the individual working with a customer can’t leverage it to drive a better and more timely resolution.

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Josh Brackett

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