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Our communication platform is driven by Connectivity, Technology, and Security.
Accelerated Connectivity combines dynamic human interaction with an organizational process to reduce the friction and increase momentum in the customer experience. Sinousia understands customer experience is the most important strategic measure for our clients, and that engagement and resolution both equally drive that outcome.
Integrated Technology is a best in class automation, telephony, and omni-channel solution, with seamless interconnectivity, allowing your customers to engage you across all platforms. Our technology is 100% cloud based, easy to implement, and compatible with most existing CRM systems. It offers business managers a way to collect and organize data to provide transparency to support decision making.
Complete Security provides your customers comprehensive, end to end protection for their data during their entire journey with us. From taking financial data, to PCI compliance where applicable, our systems provide peace of mind in an era of increasing risk.
From our trademarked UPconnect® service offering to our Front Line Data Capture process, Sinousia is a partner that helps you accelerate your customer connection.